Paper Chains

In Rudyard Kipling's 19th Century classic, Jungle Book, there is a curious and thought-provoking account of the methods used by elephant trainers in India, who would go out into the jungle to capture young elephant calves to add to their herd. They were often in significant danger from mother elephants defending their young, so they would ride trained adult elephants in their hunt and use them to help corral and intimidate the young calves into submission. They would then bind the young calves with heavy chains to prevent them from escaping. As the young elephants matured, the trainers would gradually make the chains lighter and lighter until, as full grown adult elephants, they were bound only by tethers made of grass or string that could be easily broken. However, by this point in their training the captive elephants had grown so accustomed to their chains that they had given up all possibility of freedom. Although at this point, their bonds were not real — but merely psychological constraints — these strong adult elephants remained in captivity nonetheless.


We, as a society have relied exclusively on the traditional methods as the only available options to achieve our financial goals. Most individuals believe that they are only safe if they follow the advice offered by financial experts. They don't even consider that there might be other options. While we believe that we are safe if we do what everyone else is doing, we don’t even question the possibilities outside of the traditional methods. In following the status quo we are like the elephants — held only by the “paper chains” that we accept as the norm.


But what if there were a better, easier, and safer way to accomplish what we all want — financial security and freedom? Wouldn't we want to know about it, and at least have the opportunity to shed the “paper chains” for financial independence?


How about you? You really do have options that are better for you, your family — your future. The first step to financial freedom is getting all the facts. Simply fill out the questionnaire to get your personalized results and call today to schedule a free consultation.

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