What is Wealth Builder Advantage™?

We have discovered that when you combine this strategy with real-estate investing, it has an exponential and powerfully effective result that we refer to as a "Financial Force Multiplier™".

Wealth Builder Advantage™ uses the powerful Designed to Prosper™ strategy to take your personal finances to the next level by offering a safe, fast, effective way to create financial independence.

For those familiar with the term "force multiplier," this is an accurate way to describe the effect that results from combining these two strategies. Force multiplier is a military term that is used to describe the combining of two factors together that creates an exponentially more effective result. The outcome, rather than being the sum of the two factors, becomes multiplied in effectiveness.

For many people, this strategy provides a unique opportunity to create significant personal wealth. It enables you to increase your positive monthly cash flow which snowballs in your favor much quicker than using traditional methods. Not only are you able to add passive income but you are able to pay off each mortgage generally with a few years. Each subsequent investment adds to your positive monthly cash flow therefore enabling you to do the next investment sooner. So the time gets shorter with each investment allowing the momentum of monthly cash flow to build faster.

You may think, "I don’t want to be a landlord."

But what if you could add up to $10,000 to your monthly cash flow and own a one to two million dollar real-estate portfolio in as little as ten years? Would that make it worth considering? This is not an extreme example.

Think about it -- how much money would you need to save in order to generate this much monthly income without depleting your principal. This type of income doesn't rely on putting your investment dollars in the stock market and enduring the risk of volatile markets. We can show you how to create steady retirement income much safer and faster.


Here are some of the benefits you could be enjoying:

  • You would have created a lifetime stream of passive income
  • You would own the underlying assets (no mortgages owed)
  • Fluctuations in the stock market would not impact rental income.
  • You would have a legacy of assets, income, and know-how to pass on to the next generation
  • If handled properly, your heirs could avoid capital gains taxes due to a "stepped-up cost basis"

If you are interested in creating wealth, this strategy changes everything! Start the process by filling out our free consultation questionnaire to see what your future could look like.